Indisches Patchouli

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    • Thanks a lot for your reply. Pachouli is now better. I see that it need more water that I mean. Also , can you suggest me in which kind of soil I must take for transplant (acid, basic, neutral) jiaogulan, basilikum wildes purpur, yacon, schmetterlingswicke, udo, henna, vetiver, jamaicathymian, lakrittagetes,brahmi, passionsblume, arabischer jasmin, chinesischer teejasmin, patchouli, teebaum, europaischer kalmus. I received this plants for you. I guess that I must transplant it in bigger pots (now in the small pots) but I am not sure if some of this plants needs special kind of soil. Can you specific me which plants I must transplant in acid, which in neutral in which in basic soil? Thanks a lot for your help in advance.
    • Hallo,

      all varietys of plants you received from us, like to grow in soil with pH 5,5 to 6,5.
      Potting soil should be steady and well drained.
      Basilikum wildes purpur, schmetterlingswicke, henna, vetiver, jamaicathymian, lakritstagetes, brahmi, passionsblume, arabischer jasmin, chinesischer teejasmin, patchouli, teebaum have definitly to be protected from climatologic frost. So they are now better placed indoor on a bright place with temperature not less than +15°C!

      Good luck!
      Tobias Breuckmann