Alkanna Tinctoria

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    • Alkanna Tinctoria

      Good morning,

      A few months ago we bought seeds of Alkanna tincoria for a project in my university, recently we made molecular tests (because we want to be sure that the plants that we have in greenhouse, wild plants, are A. tinctoria) and instead we discover that the plants growing from your seeds are not Alkanna tinctoria, is it possible?I think you have to certificate your product with molecular analysis right? Maybe it is only an error in the package?

      Thanks for helping,
      Best regards,
    • Hi, "Alkanna Tinctoria!"
      I have no idea what this plant might be but being interested in plants and their properties is my thing! Most of the plants I grow are edible, had a great harvest of Chilies last year- the plants are sproutig again - Epazote as well! Yeah - I really do like mexican cuisine! I read your post and I´d really like to communicate with someone who loves plants as I do! By the way - the picture was taken by me on Madeira - the most beautiful place on earth!